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Sowbelly Butchery is committed to transparency of practice on the farm and in the butchershop. Superior quality meat and ingredients are the direct result of attentive animal care and holistic soil health.  We use meat from animals born, raised and slaughtered in Maine and develop on-the-ground relationships among other farmers here for source verification.  We prioritize certified organic feeds & seeds, pasture & forage based grazing and regenerative farming. 

our pals

Here are some of the folks in our network who contribute directly to making this small business go round.  Cheese makers who provide us with whey.  Breeders tending happy healthy diverse piglets.  Greenhouse growers cultivating unique crops.  Draft horse farmers growing staple sausage ingredients. MOFGA certified organic seed suppliers. Pork producers. Grass fed beef grazers.  Grain distributors. Hay makers.  Bakers.  Photo takers.  This is our village. 

Thank you to Blue Horse Photography for some of our photos

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754 Gardiner Road Jefferson, Maine 04348


this place is Wabanaki Territory